Laurie is a registered nurse who's been East County's State Senator since 2004. Over the years, she's gained a reputation as a local leader who shows how much she cares for East County and its people each and every day.

In the Legislature, Laurie has worked hard to make sure Mt. Hood Community College has the funding necessary to provide job skills training and education for people looking for new and better jobs. She has also supported measures providing small businesses greater access to capital so they can put people back to work. And for families facing foreclosure, Laurie has supported increased homeowner protections.

As a nurse, Laurie has often dealt with children and families coping with the ravages of drug addiction. That's why she's fought to fund the local anti-gang task force, which does so much to reduce drug-related crime in our area.

Laurie grew up in Gresham and is a graduate of  Willamette University. She obtained her MA at the University of Colorado and BSN from Radford University. She lives in Gresham, has two grown children and a grandson, and loves reading and working in the yard.

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